Second Floor, 1-7 Woburn Walk, London WC1H 0JJ

General Enquires: 020 7388 8744

Assessments: 020 7383 3724


We are located on the Second Floor, 1-7 Woburn Walk, London WC1H 0JJ

Directions from Euston Station to IDC


Feel free to telephone 020 7388 8744 for further directions.


Exit Euston Station through the main exit to the food court. You will see a number of eateries including Nando’s, Café Rouge, Pret a Manger etc.


Walk down the left side of Nando’s (you will pass a William Hill shop and a sandwich shop) to the bus garage.


Turn left (by the Doric Arch pub) and walk to the end of the bus garage to Evershot Street where you will be able to see the Travelodge across the road.


Turn right, cross over the road at the traffic lights and continue walking with Euston Square (the little grass park) on your right as far as the main junction.


The road in front of you is Euston Road. You should see a restaurant called Prezzo and across from that a church (St Pancras Church).


The road with the Church on the left and Prezzo on the right is called Upper Woburn Walk. Walk up this road as far as the zebra crossing outside the Hilton Euston.


Cross over the zebra crossing towards the hotel called Ambassadors.


The pedestrian walkway which is to the right of Ambassadors is called Woburn Walk, walk as far as Chives café which is located on the left.


We are located on the second floor above Chives café. You will see a black door to the left of Chives; we are the second buzzer from the bottom.