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Complaints procedure for university students



The tutors/coaches at the Independent Dyslexia Consultants (IDC) have different skills and it is important for you to work with someone that you are comfortable with. If you are unhappy with the coaching/tutoring here we would like you to tell us. All complaints will be dealt with in a professional and non-confrontational manner.


All of the tutors at IDC are self-employed professionals and therefore there is no manager who is responsible for their work. If you wish to make a complaint about the work a tutor is doing, there are two courses of action.


Stage 1

In the first instance, please discuss the complaint with your tutor.

Stage 2

If you are uncomfortable about doing that, please contact one of the other tutors here, via the centre telephone number, 0207 388 8744, to discuss your concerns and needs. The four tutors at the centre are Amanda Jones, Bernadette Kirwan, Carol Leather and Sylvia Mackewn. The tutors work on different days of the week. During term-time the tutor will listen to your complaint within 3 working days of your phone call to the centre.


The tutor who listens to your complaint will offer to discuss your complaint with the tutor concerned to see whether they can negotiate a resolution. They will reply to you by phone within 3 working days of talking to the tutor that you complained about.  


The tutor who listens to your complaint can discuss with you the possibility of changing to work with another tutor at the centre. If you want to work with another tutor at the centre, the new DSA regulations require that you contact the relevant funding body and say that you prefer to work with another tutor. (This should not be a lengthy process.)


If you are not satisfied with the option of working with another tutor at the centre, you will be advised of the procedure to follow to change to tutors with another provider. This involves getting in touch with your Needs Assessor and requesting a change of provider.


Stage 3

If you remain dissatisfied with the way that your complaint has been dealt with you can address your complaint to ADSHE, the Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education. Three of the tutors are registered members of this organisation: Amanda Jones, Bernadette Kirwan and Carol Leather. You will be required to provide written details of your grievance against the individual tutor in writing to the Chair of ADSHE. The procedure is explained in ADSHE’s Complaints Procedure, item 3: External complaints against an individual member of ADSHE at


Stage 4

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint following ADSHE’s review of the matter, your complaint will enter Stage 4 of ADSHE’s Complaints Procedure, which is referral to an external moderator.


The fourth tutor, Sylvia Mackewn, is a member of PATOSS (the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties). If you remain dissatisfied with the way that your complaint against this tutor has been dealt with following Stage 1 and Stage 2, you can follow the PATOSS procedure for addressing complaints against members.


Stage 3

Details of the PATOSS procedure are available at:

At this Stage you should address your complaint in writing to the CEO of PATOSS who will carry out an investigation and provide a response to you.


Stage 4

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the response of the CEO of PATOSS, the complaint will be referred to a Disciplinary Panel of PATOSS.


Please note we are relocating to our new office on Monday 13 November.

Our telephone numbers will remain unchanged, however, they might not work for a short period of time during the cross over. We will have email access so please contact us via should you be unable to reach us by phone.